Developed and executed integrated marketing strategies incorporating marketing research, public relations, advertising, email and direct mail campaigns, targeted web copy and executive outreach. Tied campaigns to Google Analytics and CRM to benchmark and measure results.

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Strategic Planning

Created and executed integrated marketing strategy for the breast center targeting consumers, employees and referring physicians. Campaign incorporated online static and video advertising, social media, physician profile videos, radio commercials and PSAs, community events, speaking engagements and revisions to existing printed communications. Campaign won Healthcare Advertising Silver Award.  Campaign contributed to increase in new patients.

Events and Promotion

Revamped physician talk show increasing attendance by 20%. Expanded guest panel and exhibitor opportunities to include community leaders from outside the organization. Created robust, personalized email campaign that achieved open rates that averaged 38% and click-through rates that averaged 9%. Repurposed show content in video and podcast format.

Implemented a cloud-based events system for registration for more than 1,000 seminars, classes and events annually. Improved user experience, employee satisfaction and cross-marketing capabilities. Presenting strategy and results at Healthcare Internet Conference in November, 2015.

Social Media

As part of men’s health awareness content marketing plan launched Facebook campaign promoted mens health and Movember with a “stachie” contest that achieved organic reach of 706 compared to monthly average of 593 local community and employee engagement. Success recognized by HealthcareSource blog and in upcoming GLC whitepaper.

Media  Relations

Positioned company leadership as experts with external medial representatives using media alerts and media advisories. Achieved interviews with Wallstreet Journal and trade publications.

Email Campaigns/Electronic Marketing Initiatives

Email campaigns reaching diverse audiences with targeted branding and messaging. A/B testing, send time optimization,

Website development/maintenance/SEO

Developed website structure and content based on SEO guidelines and research. Incorporated appropriate meta tags and keywords throughout site. Improved site ranking with Google significantly.

Market research

Working with internal and external support developed monthly market research trending